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Southern California waves goodbye to Anthem Blue Cross

As americans across the nation prepare for the 2018 open enrollment, changes and previous talks of reform have brought uncertainty and many questions in the individual market.

Anthem Blue Cross adds to the ever changing spectrum of health insurance by dropping their coverage for individual family plans in the southern California area.

Over the years, we have seen rising increases among all carriers with Anthems rates being no exception. Now, certain Blue Cross consumers will need to find a new health care plan very soon.

Anthem Blue Cross has been an integral part of California's healthcare exchange, also known as Covered California, as one of the first plans that was available to consumers on the marketplace with a current count of 153,000 members that will be affected by them pulling out of the market.

Those 153,000 members currently being insured by Anthem Blue Cross under Covered California will be automatically switched to the lowest cost plan in their current tier. With such changes, many may be enrolled into a plan that won't fit their specific needs, as every plan has its own set of quality expectations and network of doctors, hospitals and other medical providers. However, every individual consumer will be given the opportunity to explore all their options during Open Enrollment beginning November 1st. Such selections can be made by contacting Covered California or finding local help to have a face to face discussion about what plan may be the right switch for you.

That being said, medicaid recipients, employee/group plans, and medicare enrollees will still be able to continue getting coverage under the Blue Cross brand. Recipients enrolled directly with Anthem or enrolled by Covered California will need to begin exploring their options as soon as possible.

Open Enrollment is right around the corner.

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